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Case Studies

Cases & Deaths by Socioeconomic Vulnerability - Wisconsin

Census tract level reporting

of Wisconsin's COVID data in 

relation to socioeconomics.

created by Selena Frey + Ashwini Kurady


Social vulnerability is the potentiality of negative consequences in a given area during a health crisis. The score is determined by specific socioeconomic factors of the region. On a scale from 0-1, 1 being most vulnerable, we looked into every county in the State of Wisconsin, down to the census tract level, to state their vulnerability score and effects of COVID-19. The data set contains values as of November 22, 2022.

A user of this report can begin to ask the question, "Does socioeconomic status determine specific health outcomes?" This report can also be used to identify particularly vulnerable areas and decide where to allocate resources and infrastructure, for current COVID cases and future health crises.



Weight Loss Data Reporting

A personal project, 
to understand my weight + health data.

Selena Frey + Ashwini Kurady


My journey into recording + reporting my weight data was born from an absolute, vital need. In 2022, I was diagnosed with an alarming illness that required me to lose a significant amount of weight as one of its only forms of treatment and remission. I immediately took to common weight loss apps for daily documentation of calorie intake, exercise logs, food macro consumption, and nutrient tracking. I realized I had all this powerful data in my palms that could greatly assist me on my weight loss journey. 

And so, my team began wrangling and organizing my own health data in SQL. We then brought it into Power BI to sketch out the visual story of my weight loss, gain, and plateauing. I wanted multiple charts to work side by side to investigate various hypotheses, i.e., "Does total calorie consumption affect next day weight?" This report is a great starting point to see the historical data of weight loss in accordance with other factors such as macros or exercise calories burnt. It definitely helped me remain true and consistent on my quest, and validated or denied personal weight loss approaches.

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